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Long Homes & Carpentry Website

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Whole foods Natural Campaign

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Red cocoa Website

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Moet & Chandon Annuel Report

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Hello there...

You've happened upon the site of an enthusiastic graphic and web designer. I tried to think of how to welcome you, but, alas, after many hours of staring at the screen and several cups of coffee, I decided to just show you instead. Therefore...

Hello friend! Grab a drink, take a seat, and join me in this creative adventure.

My story...

I grew up in Nebraska with a crayon in my hand and paper in front of me. My mother always encouraged us to be creative in many different ways. In high school, I took an interest in web design and photography. I took a few small classes to learn to code, as much as they had to offer. When a project came up and I had the option to create a webpage, I jumped on it and went above and beyond. From then on I've learned much more, and hope to never stop learning. Check out my resume to see a more detailed work history.

I also have a passion for design, I interact with the Adobe products daily and occasionally dig out the paint brush and let my creativity just pour out. I started at The Creative Center in 2009 and I believe it has helped me grow an enormous amount as a designer. I hope I can continue to use these skills and acquire more in the future as my career grows.

I love reading; one day I hope to have a library in my house. I love connecting and meeting new people. I thrive on creativity and expressing that in numerous ways. I try to do the best I can and what I do and learn new things when I can. If you'd like to know more, check out my contact page, and don't hesitate to ask.

Show and tell

So you've come to explore my creative world? Go ahead and take a peek, you might like what you find. More to come soon.

  • Agency Shift Website
  • Red Cocoa Website
  • Worlds of Fun Poster
  • The Shack book cover

Drop me a line

Questions, comments, praise, criticism, opportunities, something fun to share?
Anything at all, let me know!


Oh Hi!

Well look at you, you tech savy enthusiast! You've landed on my mobile site.

In case you don't know, my name is Becca Nispel. I'm a web designer and developer from Omaha, NE.

I'm very enthusiastic about the new things on the web and always excited to learn more.

I started working with HTML and CSS since 2008 and have never looked back since. I love it. Take a peek in my mini portfolio below to get a tasting of my work.

Interested in learning more? Pick a way to contact me below!